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Disc Plough Articles

Happy Campers Rough It In The Outback

Can the stunning South Australian outback raise the spirits of a not-so-jolly swagwoman?

Diversity Has Its Dangers, Delights

THE pressure to be "in" or "hip" on Planet Reebok can prove to be a real dilemma for a lot of folk. Too many plough through mountains of fashion, lifestyle and music magazines in search of the perfect Issey Miyake collarless jacket or the same kind of facial more

Keep Watching This Space

A REMARKABLE, violent event is unfolding in the Milky Way, reaching a climax next Sunday, as two stars orbiting around each other, come within a cosmic hair's breadth of colliding. A small, fast-spinning pulsar (PSR 1259-63) has already started to plough into a vast disc of more

Now For The Real Drum On An Aussie Icon

Lawrence Hall welded it all up at his Sydney workshop in 1948. He used a disc from a plough, tin cans, steel pipe scraps and a putt-putt boat engine: if you stood too close, its spinning blades could take your toes off. Today, it seems, that more